Term Dates

Rushy Meadow Primary Academy’s term dates are set by the Local Governing Board in agreement with Cirrus Primary Academy Trust. Dates are in line with other Sutton schools where possible to minimize inconvenience for parents. Some secondary schools may operate different dates.

Pupils should attend on all school days marked in Green.
Please click here to download a printable version of the 2019-20 calendar for your fridge!

To view the term dates for 2020-21 please click here to visit the trust website.

All information provided on this website and on our blogs is provided in good faith.  Occasionally information may become out of date. We celebrate the successes of our pupils and staff, and include images of them on our website, adhering to our eSafety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.

We are fully committed to safeguarding our pupils and staff.  We take notice of and adhere to all the national and local policies and guidance in regard to Safeguarding  Children and Young People.

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