Pupil Parliament

Pupils at Rushy Meadow all have the opportunity to run as a class representative. They present a speech to their peers and are voted into the role by the person with the most votes.

There are two representatives for each class, one for Teaching and Learning and one for Pupil Health and Wellbeing.

They meet once every two to three weeks with the head of their Parliament. Mrs Green runs Teaching & Learning and Mrs Hurford runs Health & Welbeing. Each representative wears a badge so that they can be recognised and pupils know who to speak to.

In each area the students have voted for a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. There is a detailed agenda for each meeting and minutes are taken. Each representative has a book to record the agenda/minutes and tasks.

Wednesday circle time in class is used for the rep’s to share the focus for that week. In the following meeting they report back their findings and actions are taken. This maybe taken to SLT meetings to discuss the actions the children would like.

To see a list of the children involved in Pupil Parliament please click Here.


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