Hearing Impaired Resource Base

Our Hearing Impaired Resource Base (known as ‘Sunshine Room’) is situated at Rushy Meadow Primary Academy, Carshalton. We have 11 places for deaf pupils aged 4 – 11 years, who have a moderate – profound hearing loss and an Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP) which states hearing loss as their primary need.

Our deaf pupils are fully included in the school; they are part of their mainstream class, working and playing alongside their hearing peers and withdrawn for specialist interventions depending on each pupils’ individual needs.                 

‘The HIRB is well led and managed. The pupils are confident learners and involved fully in all aspects of the school. Specialist staff and teaching assistants are used extremely well to support pupils who are hearing impaired. Hearing Impaired pupils make better progress due to the high quality specialist support they receive’. OFSTED report 2017


We follow a Total Communication (TC) approach at the HIRB. We support deaf pupils who use speech, a combination of speech/signed supported English (SSE) and British Sign Language (BSL). Our deaf pupils have the opportunity to learn BSL.

Specialist Support

We have a team of qualified, highly skilled and experienced staff: a Teacher of the Deaf (ToD), specialist Hearing Impaired Teaching Assistants (HI TA’s), an Audiology Technician, a Deaf Instructor and a specialist Speech and Language Therapist. Our HI TA’s support our deaf pupils in their mainstream class to enable them to access the curriculum, check their hearing devices daily and also provide pastoral care.


We believe it is important to provide a nurturing environment for our deaf pupils in order for them to develop self-confidence in their own ability and self-esteem as a young deaf person. We give our deaf pupils regular opportunities to learn and socialise with their deaf peers, including trips to help develop their life skills.


We understand the challenges and rewards of having a deaf child and fully support our families. They are welcome to contact the ToD via telephone, email, Home/School book or in person to discuss any issues or ask advice. We hold a termly ‘Family Fun Day’ when our deaf pupils, their families and our team join together in the HIRB for fun activities.

If you would like to find out more or to book a visit, please call: 020 8669 7588.

All information provided on this website and on our blogs is provided in good faith.  Occasionally information may become out of date. We celebrate the successes of our pupils and staff, and include images of them on our website, adhering to our eSafety policy. If a parent requests an image to be removed from the site, we will do this without delay.

We are fully committed to safeguarding our pupils and staff.  We take notice of and adhere to all the national and local policies and guidance in regard to Safeguarding  Children and Young People.

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